Sunday, April 27, 2014

But a Dream

The saddest thing about being me is the fact that I can't see past my misery I linger on what could have beens and what ifs instead of living in everyday bliss bitchin about what I don't have and what I cant see instead of making life into what I want it to be but I digress it isn't as simple as it seem no one will give a chance so life is but a dream no I'm not a yuppy ,a park slope kid brownstone having uptown party guy but living is not living when the perks are never given hard to make ends meets when the ends never meet justify me but putting me into a never ending statistic , black male But I digress it isn't as simple as it seem no one will understand because life is but a dream

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lack of blogging and other bits

From May to now how a lot has changed , I graduated this past June, and started a new college working on my BA now at CCNY City College Of New York. but I've been feeling like things have been getting shot down for me , nothing is really going well for me in prospects , maybe its the fact that I'm not making connections or attempted to make a new friend. I've applied for countless jobs yet none will hire me , so I'm stuck at my low end minimum wage job and I just haven't felt good mentally and physically . now I know what a lot of you are saying . pray God can help and I've been praying , and everything happens in due time I believe in God and I Believe he will not let me falter but I'm just sadden not angry I'm sad that I can't be all that I need to be for myself and for my family . I'm sad that I can't finish things that I start and that I feel worthless . with that being said I'll end this little rant on this note. I am somebody I know this but I want to be Someone.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Brooklyn Bound (except)

as the wind blew by him a circle of leaves formed and scattered away , the damp air filled his nostrils with contempt , Adam couldn't for the life of him remember how he got to this dark place , Prospect park was so big but he felt so small . HE had nothing anymore , no friends , no family just himself and he wasn't worth anything.  

Somethings Wrong by Antoine Clyburn Jr

as i look all around me
nothing is a surprise
no gleam in the masses
no absence of disguise

who we are is determined by
the merits of what we have accomplished
but that's bull shit

what if we cant Accomplish because we
can't get ahead
no one wants to hire
there fore there's no bread
but we are lazy , we are bums
just don't want to work?

the rich get richer
thats apart of the perk
of government , no one
suppose to get more then what they
deserve thats how and why
there will always be a class system

it would be easier to burn money then to
give to people who really need it

it would be easier to fund programs that
fully keep people off the streets not for
just two years and after that they live in fear
of what the future holds

but it's too easy on the poor ,
the poor has to suffer , thats
just it end of discussion

Something is wrong

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry Book and Other News

I am putting the finishing touches on  my poetry book, meaning i have a lot of poems and i want to make sure the right one's go in my first publishing,

with that said , after i finish my first poetry book , i will start on a new novel and hopefully follow through with it .

WB exert is up in the short story section , so is Atomic.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Wool" Toggle Coat

Is it bad that i like this Toggle Jacket i know some might say it is cheap but I'm not going against that argument, but i really like the look of the jacket , and who the hell cares what anyone says the Jacket is from and the Jacket cost 54.00 and it comes in black and grey , i like the grey one better but they are both nice

Computer search pt 1: HP Black 110-1046NR Netbook PC with Intel

So i'm looking for a new or used computer doesn't matter and i have come across this great hp mini netbook 10 inch screen this netbook is a HP Black 110-1046NR Netbook PC with Intel Atom N270 Processor and Windows XP Home Edition, Refurbished yes refurbished but it lookes really appealing and its from walmart for $198.00 really can't beat that price